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“The Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is a culinary apprenticeship program and online class approach aimed to solve Detroit’s need for a trained culinary workforce.”

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Mission Statement

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is empowered, focused, and committed to providing transformative educational experiences.

    • We empower aspiring culinary artisans through an immersive chef driven apprenticeship education.
    • We deliver focused, industry relevant, online education paired with real-time, in-field practical skill application.
    • We build students with well-informed minds, skillful hands, feet that willingly carry responsibility, heads held high in confidence, hearts for hospitality, and the spirit to serve others.


Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is a student-centered Institute both in its philosophy and its operation.

With our industry partners, we lead the way in preparing students by supporting and empowering their achievement of knowledge, skills, and abilities resulting in productive individuals who contribute to their community, continue lifelong learning and become global citizens.

We affirm equal access to all aspects of the institute for the diverse population it serves. The institution approaches all endeavors with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism focused on increasing and enhancing employment opportunities for students who graduate from DIG. The institute, with its faculty and staff, is committed to excellence in its services, programs, and practices which meet rigorous standards established by education industry professionals. Graduates, upon completion of the program, should possess the requisite knowledge and skills to meet their educational goals.

Guiding Values

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy students are committed to being successful in life and career.

Part of the preparedness for a successful life after Detroit Institute of Gastronomy involves self-commitments that ensure the path to graduation or other identified academic goals. Therefore, students at Detroit Institute of Gastronomy have endorsed the following five guiding E.A.R.T.H. values:

  • Educate ourselves by asking questions, utilizing resources, and being disciplined to complete what we start.

  • Appreciate people around you, ingredients you utilize, and skillful work habits.

  • Respect the process, the systems, and the craft of cooking for others

  • Transcend life’s expectations, situations, and implications.

  • Help develop hospitality in ourselves and others as we grow in service to our community.

Institutional Governance

The Soil2Service, Inc. Board of Directors oversee and provide leadership which assures ethical decision-making processes in the efficient and effective use of the institute’s resources, enabling the achievement of strategic initiatives in the successful education of its students.

Advisory Committee

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy systematically seeks program guidance and support from an advisory committee made up of representatives from education, industry and human resources. The committee’s opinion is a basis for evaluating and improving curricula, instructional materials, method of delivery, as well as the discovery of alternate student learning experiences and student services. Committee’s support aids in the development of sponsoring apprenticeship sites, apprenticeship placement, recruitment of qualified instructors, and support of student satisfaction. DIG regularly collects evidence that students are satisfied with the administrative, educational, and support services provided.

Reports and Licenses

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is licensed in the State of Michigan as a post-secondary proprietary, non-profit school. All apprentice programs have been fully registered with the US-Department of Labor and approved by the American Culinary Federation. Every year, the DIG administration team publishes annual reports on the institute’s effectiveness. From these reports the DIG Strategic Plan is developed.

State of Michigan Proprietary School License

US Department of Labor Registration

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IER: 2020-2021

IER: 2019-2020

IER: Suppliment to Previous Reports – Graduation Rates

DIG is a registered “DBA” under the 501c3, Soil2Service

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