Job Openings in 2020 in Hospitality and Leisure industry
Turnover rate in 2018 in Hospitality

These numbers express the need for quality, trained, and committed employees in our culinary industry. Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is one solution to close this skills gap Nationwide! With an apprentice partnership with the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy, your place of employment will be taking a proactive approach in developing your workforce. Apprenticeship is a way to achieve both the company’s and employees’ goals.

Create an Enhanced Workforce

Your culinary workforce must be productive, efficient, and adaptable. Formal culinary apprenticeship education can improve skills in several areas including communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. Providing an apprenticeship opportunity assists in recruiting and developing a highly skilled workforce.

Create an Certified Workforce

  • Utilizing both in-house mentors and DIG qualified faculty

  • Apprenticeship Education approved by the US Department of Labor and the American Culinary Federation

  • Foundational education which includes leadership, people management, customer service, work ethics, decision making, problem solving and more

  • Core culinary fundamentals which include sanitation, safety, nutrition, food service operations and more

  • Mentors are guided by customized “on-the-job-learning” focused 100% on your property

  • American Culinary Federation Certification support for all kitchen employees

Become a Registered Place of Employment

We have streamlined the process of becoming a registered POE. Contact us today if your establishment meets the following guidelines:

  • Provide equal opportunity employment to the apprentice: You hire our apprentices just like an employee!

  • Establish a progressive wage schedule including a review process with potential performance-based salary increases.
  • Operate with at least 60% scratch menu.

  • Willingness to train apprentices.
  • Employ an individual who meets the qualifications of a mentor/supervising chef.

The Detroit Institute of Gastronomy US DOL registered apprenticeship program can be delivered in any qualifying property in the United States. This accessibility is perfect for standardizing employee training across all culinary venues.

Whether you operate one location or 100, apprenticeship fits your kitchen employee development needs.