The Concierge team uses letters of recommendation to learn more about our apprentice students. The letters are not graded or reviewed for content; we just want to learn more about you.

Letters should include the following information:

  • Introduction – who is writing the letter?

  • Relationship – How does this person know you?

  • Objective – Why would this person recommend you to Detroit Institute of Gastronomy?

  • Supporting Information – Any additional details about you (culinary stories are greatly appreciated).

  • Conclusion – Closing words about your future success

  • Be sure the person writing the letter signs it and supplies contact information

It is always a good idea to have letters of recommendation on hand to build a professional portfolio. The application for enrollment into the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is a great way to build that portfolio.

For additional resources on letters of recommendation, check out this page.

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Example Letters


To Whom It May Concern:

I first met [APPRENTICE NAME] in her Sophomore year of high school and from that moment I knew she was destined for greatness. She was engulfed in many extracurricular activities, not to mention her many electives in the church community. None of which could compete with her natural hidden talent in the kitchen. I’m not sure she even knew how good she was. Like anything she puts her mind to, she conquered it effortlessly.

As [APPRENTICE NAME] youth minister, I have gotten the pleasure of growing with her. She refers to me as the Godfather even though we are only a few years apart in age. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that [APPRENTICE NAME] loves hard and her passion for being the change she wants to see in the world is endless. She has manifested her gift to be that change. I could not think of a program more worthy of such a gift. The Detroit Institute of Gastronomy will be the steppingstone to her career and mold her into the Maestro of Molecular Gastronomy that she already is to everyone that has had the pleasure of indulging in her cuisines.

If you have any questions in reference to [APPRENTICE NAME] please do not hesitate to call [CONTACT NUMBER].

Name of person giving reference

Dear Detroit Institute of Gastronomy,

Growing up [APPRENTICE NAME] was always the cook of the house, rather it was Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or if someone in the house felt sick; [APPRENTICE NAME] was the go-to. She would come up with the most creative breakfast plans for us. As her eldest sister I realized over the years that she would pursue something of the arts. Her passion for food and music always spewed through her endeavors and conversation. [APPRENTICE NAME] has worked multiple jobs as a cook to stay rooted in her passion, until an opportunity like this would come. Cooking has always been her outlet; she has always been content with doing so. She has volunteered numerous summers in the program Meet Up and Eat up giving back to her community the best way she knows how; through food! [APPRENTICE NAME] has always been hard working, she stays determined and pushes through her defeat. I have seen her grow from my little sister that annoys me, into a woman that inspires me and makes our family proud. She has had encounter with heavy obstacles, failing and falling but she has always demonstrated a drive to get back up and try again. She sets a good example for our little sister under her and for the kids that she helps in our community.

It is my great pleasure to recommend [APPRENTICE NAME] for the admission to Detroit Institute of Gastronomy. I am very proud of her and her accomplishments. My sister was an excellent student for many years, not just in school, but a learner of the real world . I believe she will be extremely strong-minded for any program she applies herself too. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions regarding her character or past accomplishments.


Name of person giving reference
Contact information