Admission to Detroit Institute of Gastronomy is a multi-step process which consists of evaluation of prior academic experience and assessment for post-secondary readiness of eligible applicants.  Applications for admission are processed by DIG. Students are required to submit to Detroit Institute of Gastronomy transcripts from other institutes they have attended, an earned GED transcript, or a high school transcript if the student is entering DIG directly from high school.  If transcripts are not in English, they will be translated and evaluated by a third party with expertise in the educational practices of the country of origin.  All transcripts become the property of Detroit Institute of Gastronomy and each student’s record.

Application Procedures #

DIG offers an open application process with the application for admissions to be completed online.  Once reviewed, a member of the student concierge team will schedule a convenient appointment to discuss with the student the requested program and its requirements as well as to further explain the admissions requirements, start dates, and the student’s motivation and commitment to the training. At the close of the second step of the application process, the concierge team will conduct an ID verification meeting, either in person or virtual. During the meeting, the concierge will confirm the applicant and the identification documents submitted, match. 

Admissions Requirements #

Applicants must be a high school graduate, or equivalent, with an eligible starting age no less than 17 years of age.  Applicants must send their final secondary school transcript or equivalent, showing proof of graduation before they can be accepted for enrollment.  Applicants who have attended a postsecondary education institution that is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and who have completed an associate’s degree or higher may use their official postsecondary school transcript to establish proof of high school graduation/GED. All applicants must also meet the specific requirements as stated by the individual state DOL registration agency.  (Applicants must be physically fit to perform the work of the trade and may be subject to a medical examination prior to being employed.)

The applicant may have to verify an English language proficiency for applicants whose native language is not English and have not completed education from an appropriately accredited institution where English is the principle language of instruction.

The applicant must satisfy the local apprenticeship advisory committee requirements of having the ability, aptitude, and desire to master the rudiments of the trade by completing the application process objectives. Previous work experience is not a prerequisite for entering this program, however, previous work experience can be considered during the selection process.

The place of employment can require the student to meet additional employment specific requirements. **All requirements will be listed by the employer in the Appendix D documentation. These requirements can include but are not limited to: a criminal background check, preventative health care check, and/or drug testing.  A history of a criminal background and/or drug abuse can be reason to deny an applicant a specific apprenticeship site.

Application Evaluative Objectives: #

The following evaluative objectives are utilized by DIG:

                             Item                                                                                                                   Points

                             1. Culinary arts knowledge check   0

                             2. Previous related work experience (references)        10                            

                             3. One letter of recommendation             30                                                     

                             4. Interview (physical adaptability, interest, and sincerity)         30          

                             5. One essay of 650 words or video submission 30                   

                             Total                                                   100                                                                      

Admission Acceptance or Denial #

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy will inform applicants they have been accepted for admission. The Detroit Institute of Gastronomy communicates to the applicant and document the basis for any denial of admission. 

Enrollment Commitment #

Once an applicant has been accepted for enrollment of DIG, the applicant will secure their place for the next academic quarter by paying a non-refundable commitment deposit.  Once secured, the applicant will be contacted by the concierge team to complete the official enrollment paperwork and begin the orientation process.

Orientation – Welcome to your On-Line Campus #

An orientation session is mandatory for all new students prior to the registration of classes.  This session provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with policies and regulations and learn more about their program and the services of the Institute.

Registration Dates #

With the support of the student concierge team and subject to class availability, enrolled students may register for classes at any time up to 14 days prior to the start of a new quarter. A student’s start date may be subject to apprenticeship site availability.

Tuition Payment Plans #

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy offers several manageable payment solutions for your convenience.

  1. Monthly electronic payment plan
  2. Quarterly payment in full by check
  3. Quarterly payment in full by electronic-check

Probationary Period #

The student apprentice shall serve a probationary period of no more than 25% of the hours of the program which is equal to 1000 hours.  This period begins once the student is registered as an apprentice and classes begin.  During the probationary period, the apprentice or the program coordinator may terminate the apprenticeship agreement, without stated cause, by notifying the other party in writing.  The probationary period is full credit towards completing the program.

If a student was allowed to enroll under a waiver for receipt of transcripts or other required forms and does not supply the information in the time frame agreed to, DIG personnel will place a hold on the student’s record. That hold will block registration for subsequent terms.

Re-Admission #

A student at Detroit Institute of Gastronomy who has been gone for a calendar year or longer without enrolling for a class at DIG is required to complete full admissions process including a new application before registering for class(es).

School Supplies and Bookstore #

The Detroit Institute of Gastronomy Campus Bookstore can be reached by logging into your student portal. Students may purchase textbooks, professional kitchen supplies, school supplies, backpacks, notebooks, etc., from this online campus store. In addition, the online bookstore carries special DIG clothing – shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and more.

Instructional Equipment #

The cost of tuition and fees includes the complete professional knife kit which includes the instructional kitchen equipment for all classes. Culinary Arts students are also supplied with two chef coats, two chef pants, a chef hat during the first quarter of training. All other instructional supplies including textbooks, the cost of replacement supplies for previously issued items are the responsibility of the student.

Scholarships and Grants #

Soil2Service, Inc. (S2S) awards DIG students grants and scholarships. Applications for these programs are available on the Soil2Service, Inc. website ( under scholarships and grants.

Students who receive a S2S grant or scholarship must maintain at least a “Good Standing” academic status. Students must check with the DIG concierge before dropping any classes during the quarter. If a student who is awarded a S2S scholarships or grant completely withdraws from classes, the student may be responsible for repaying a portion or all the scholarship and grant.

Veterans #

Veterans of the U.S. armed forces and their dependents may be entitled to educational benefits. To apply for benefits, Veterans and their eligible dependents may consult the Concierge for information and assistance.

Chromebook (proposed) #

As a student of DIG, you are offered the ability to purchase a Chromebook at a discounted rate.  Please log into — to review the offer and purchase.

Publicity and Media Release #

By signing and submitting an enrollment agreement to Detroit Institute of Gastronomy, you understand that your name, voice, quotations, and photographic likeness – including video footage – may be used in all forms of media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes on behalf of Soil2Service, Inc. and Detroit Institute of Gastronomy.  You will not receive now or in the future any compensation for this usage. You also understand that your name, quotations, and photographic likeness may be gathered from and posted to DIG’s social media sites and website and can be downloaded by any computer user.

You also understand that, as a student age 18 or older, it is your responsibility to notify the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy, if you refuse to have your name, quotations, or photographic likeness used for the Institute’s unlimited lawful purposes.  In addition, all students under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian permission for his/her name, quotations, or photographic likeness to be used by the Institute. In this instance, this form may be obtained from your concierge team. 

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