Student Health

Student Health

Health Emergencies   #

Regular health care is the responsibility of the student. A person who becomes aware of the need for first aid or other health emergency while at their apprenticeship site should inform the employer’s management team as well as contact the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy Concierge Team Member. If emergency medical services are required, the employee will call 911 and the EMT unit will assist in recommending treatment. As a distance education institution, Detroit Institute of Gastronomy, expects that the student will secure medical services through a private physician.  In case of accident or illness notification, the student will be referred to the nearest hospital for care.  It is understood that the student or parent will assume full responsibility for all the costs associated with the accident or illness.

Professional Personal Counseling Service #

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy understands the importance of good mental health and quality of life.  Stress, depression and sever mental illness can happen to anyone.  DIG has partnered with Team Wellness Center to offer current students short-term personal mental care services. 

Team Wellness Center is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals by providing an array of comprehensive behavioral and physical health services in a trauma informed environment that promotes quality of life, continuous improvement, social awareness and healing.  Students seeking assistance with anxiety, grief, depression, suicidal ideology, or other personal issues may seek services for no fee. Team Wellness Center 313-813-TEAM (8326)

Additional Resources and Support: Students can obtain support and resources from a specialist who can help them to address issues in their daily life which maybe an obstacle to success in their program.  The types of resources that are available can include: 24-hour outpatient mental health programs, substance use disorder/addition treatment, crisis response and intervention, children and teen behavioral health programs, primary medical and dental care clinic, medical and psychiatric urgent care, on-site pharmacy, lab, and X-ray services, vocational training and employment assistance, housing assistance and supports, meals, transportation, shower and laundry facilities.

Mental & Physical Health #

If officials of the institute determine that a student’s mental or physical condition prohibits the student from benefiting from instruction at the institute, or if the student creates a continuing disturbance to the learning process or creates a safety hazard to himself or others, the student will be advised of the situation. Every attempt will be made to give the student the opportunity to remedy the situation in question and obtain assistance, if needed. If the situation cannot be resolved, the student may be referred to the school administration as well as the Culinary Arts Program Director.

If the situation still cannot be resolved, an instructor may request that the student be withdrawn from the class(es) in question. When a withdrawal of this nature is made, it is for the welfare of the student and the institute. No special notation will be made on the student’s transcript regarding the withdrawal.

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