Welcome to the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy

We are pleased and honored that you have chosen to join our hands-on, multi-sensory, hybrid apprentice culinary arts education program offered in the State of Michigan, registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, the American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation, and recognized by the World Association of Chef Societies.  We believe that for motivated and goal-oriented students, this is the best route for building a productive culinary career with a strong foundation acknowledged by industry recognized stackable certification credentials. 

The faculty and staff at the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG) are committed to assisting you in successfully completing your educational goals. We pledge an educational quality assurance to our students (prospective, current, and graduates), food service institutions, industry professionals, the public, and the United States government.  

You may plan to learn culinary arts and go directly into the workforce, or you may plan to complete our culinary education and transfer to a two or four-year institution. Whatever your personal path is, you are important to us.  For this reason, we are committed to unwavering development of our unique and structured methods for delivering curricula.  We strive to be consistent with educational best practices and provide an education that is valuable, worth your time, money, and effort. 

Please use this student catalog as a resource for information on services, activities and policies that are available to you. Also, in the catalog there is information on your rights and responsibilities as a student.  

If you are unable to find the information you need in this catalog, please ask a faculty member or your personal concierge team member for directions. Best wishes for a successful experience here at Detroit Institute of Gastronomy.  

We wish you much success in reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams in the global food industry. 


John T Piazza 

Executive Director of Business Development 

Soil2Service, Inc. 

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