DIG Concierge System

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy Concierge System #

Our trained Concierge are dedicated to ensuring the success of DIG students. From the first contact through graduation, each student is assigned a personal concierge team member advisor. This adviser will work with the student to ensure the education and experience they receive meets or exceeds expectations.

Concierge Student Advising #

The Student Concierge team focuses on aiding students with personalized academic advising and completion pathway planning, apprenticeship site management, LMS navigation, scheduling ACF testing for certification, transfer information, crisis intervention and referral, career guidance, decision-making skills, clarifying educational and personal goals, and other problems or concerns that interfere with the attainment of academic, technical, professional or personal goals. Student support is provided to assist students in achieving institutional and program requirements, program outcomes, course learning outcomes, and educational goals consistent with best educational practices and as required by applicable federal and state laws. DIG’s policies and procedures optimize interaction between the institute and students. The interaction of the student’s concierge proactively promotes student completion and success. Services are free and confidential for students at DIG.

Concierge Academic Advising #

Each student is assigned a concierge team member who will provide the information necessary to allow the student to make informed decisions in determining their academic plan and scheduling their coursework. The Concierge will make suggestions and recommendations on how a student may achieve their academic goals; however, it is the ultimate responsibility of the student to meet the requirements of the program.

Each semester, students should be diligent about checking courses they register for against their required programs of study to assure they remain on target for graduation.

As the world of culinary arts continues to evolve, so do the standards and competencies of the ACFEF apprenticeship program.  Note that the standards may be amended during the student’s period of apprenticeship which may add or remove specific requirements for completion.

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