Student Certification

Student Certification

DIG includes in its educational program the American Culinary Federation (ACF) certification practical and written exams for the Certified Fundamentals Cook®, Certified Culinarian®, and the Certified Sous Chef®.  Successful completion of these skill level appropriate exams results in the student earning these ACF credentials.  A student earns the ability to test for certification after the successful completion of the education and experience ACF prerequisites. The student’s concierge team member will assist in the scheduling of this certification process.

All ACFEF written exams are administered through an ACFEF registered proctor.

All practical exams are conducted at ACF approved practical exam test sites.  The student will be evaluated by certified evaluators with level specific assessment criteria divided into four general areas: Safety and Sanitation Skills; Organization; Craftsmanship Skills; Finished Product Skills.  Points in these specific areas are calculated creating a numerical score.  The minimum practical exam score required to qualify for ACF certification is a total average score of 75% (75 points).

Seven globally recognized certifications built into the DIG culinary arts program are: #

ACF Certified Culinarian®

ACF Certified Sous Chef®

NRAEF ServSafe® Food Protection Manager

World Food Safety Organization (WFSO) – Essentials of Food Hygiene

World Food Safety Organization (WFSO) – HACCP Level 1

Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) – Principles of Customer Service

NRAEF ServSafe® Allergens

Student Organizations #

Included, for the DIG student, is a paid annual membership in the American Culinary Federation for the duration of the student’s enrollment.  A notification of membership will be sent to the students local ACF chapter.

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