Student Identity and Verification Policy

Student Identity and Verification Policy

Applicant Identification and Employment Verification

The DIG apprenticeship program is combination of online learning and employment at one of our Places of Employment.  As part of our applicant Step 2 process, we require the applicant to establish their identity and employment authorization.  As a school we follow the guidelines of the USCIS Form I-9.  The documents listed below should be the most common an applicant will provide.  *If an applicant chooses to offer another type of identification, please refer to the USCIS I-9 form and consult your supervisor for approval.

*Applicants may present a single document that establishes both identity and employment verification OR an applicant can present two documents as described below.

Documents that establish both identity and employment authorization

  • United States Passport or United States Passport Card – A photo of this government issued ID is required to be on file.  Verify that the ID matches the applicants profile information.


Document that establishes identity

  • Driver’s License or Government ID Card – A photo of a government issued ID is required to be on file. Verify that the name on the ID matches the profile information along with the mailing address
    • Additional Follow Up Communication: “Great job on staring Step 2 of the application for enrollment into DIG. Please let me know if you have any questions about the requirements.”

Document that establishes employment authorization

  • Social Security Card – visually verify that it is an actual Social Security Card.  A photo of this government document is required to be on file.  Verify that the name on the card matches the profile of the applicant.
  • Additional Follow Up Communication: “Keep up the great work on the application. Your submission allows us to verify both your identity and employment eligibility for an apprenticeship program. You are making progress. Let me know if you have any questions.”

Once the applicant’s ID has been submitted, schedule a Zoom conference call with the applicant to touch base on the progress of the Step 2 application and to visually verify that the person you are speaking with matches the ID submitted. Official Form must be completed to approve application (See Enrollment Process)

Enrollment Process

When the applicant has completed the application process and has been approved for enrollment, they can immediately begin the Enrollment Process. This involves some final steps to officially enroll the student in Detroit Institute of Gastronomy.

Official Identification Verification

The concierge will set up a time to virtually meet with the student via Zoom to discuss the remaining steps in the enrollment process. During this meeting, be sure to have the applicants submitted ID in view. The purpose of this step is to verify that the person that submitted the application is that person. Complete the form during the call.

Application ID Verification Form:

During the conversation at this point in the student Lifecyle is when tuition structure is discussed. Once the commitment deposit is received, the tuition proposal is sent.

Academic Process

Identity Verification in Distance Learning Courses 

The identity verification process for online courses protects student’s privacy using a secure portal, a secure login and password. Online courses are hosted on DIG secure learning management systems. Faculty post assignments and exams within the learning management system to ensure the privacy of student information. 

Faculty Responsibility 

Student’s records are kept private by faculty, except in cases where academic staff or administration access the course, with legitimate educational interest under FERPA guidelines. 

Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to keep his/her login and password confidential. A password reset is accomplished through an e-mail response sequence protocol. Only work submitted to open forums, like discussion boards, can be accessed by other students; other assignments, grades and correspondence are not viewable by other students. 

Password Security 

Both students and faculty are responsible for maintaining the security of their secure-portal passwords.  

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