Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

The Culinarian and Sous Chef Culinary Programs are delivered through a hybrid apprenticeship model of education. The on-the-job learning, technical portion of the program aligns with the US Department of Labor Occupation code 35-2014.00 and includes, but is not limited to technical concepts including sanitation, product and equipment identification, food production, preparation, and execution. Additional academic courses in the Sous Chef Culinary Program are designed to build a graduate with skills in critical thinking, social responsibility, and ethical reasoning. This related training instruction will enhance the students oral and written communications while developing quantitative principles and enhancing their appreciation for the humanities and fine arts.

The Sous Chef Program results in the student’s ability to obtain professional certification at the Certified Sous Chef (CSC) level of certification with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) to begin the lifelong learning pathway and professional attainment through academic skills enhanced for continued learning.

The Culinarian Program comprises of the first year (48 credits) of the Sous Chef Culinary program and prepares the student for a career in the culinary arts and the ability to continue their education.

Students who satisfactorily complete all college and program requirements qualify for a Journeyman Certification from the United States Department of Labor, a Diploma from the State of Michigan (MI Residents only) and the ability to test for ACF Certification.

The apprenticeship culinary arts programs both utilize the US-DOL registered guidelines provided by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s Apprentice department’s curriculum, enhanced with our unique course offerings, the student is fully engaged in a “learn while you earn” environment. Over seven globally recognized certifications are built into the program to measure student progress and produce a graduate that is ready to launch their career.

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