Class Management

Class Management

Email #

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy will setup a special Gmail account for each student usually within 24 hours of the first time you register for classes at DIG. DIG will use this email account to communicate about activities, official announcements and communications with DIG offices. The login and password for your Gmail account will also work for your student portal (though you must change your initial Gmail password).  Your LMS Logins will be different.  

Student Email Login Username:          [email protected]

Password:           DIG-last4SSN! (Password IS case sensitive)

Example:                           Name:  John Doe                           DIG ID:  0123456                SSN:       XXX-XX-6789                 Email Username:              [email protected]                               Email Password:           DIG6789!

Your Gmail account also gives you access to Goggle Apps which has a word processor, spreadsheet and a slideshow tool all of which are compatible with Microsoft Office. Google Apps are available anywhere you have an Internet connection and a web browser and supports 7 GB of online storage.

Student Information System #

A student management system is a management information system for DIG to manage student data. Our student management system provides a portal for online applications, registering students in courses; education delivery with a learning management system (LMS); documenting grading, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessment scores; building student schedules; a calendar, student email, and payment resources as well as managing many other student-related data needs.

Learning Management Systems #

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy utilizes a Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver education to the students. All courses offered through Detroit Institute of Gastronomy will delivered through our student portal.  The student will be able to access the LMS through the portal anywhere there is an Internet connection.

DIG Students will be enrolled in a quarterly group in accordance to their scheduled classes. Once the student logs into the LMS, they will find the courses needed for their quarter. The student will also gain access to the ACFEF Apprenticeship Portal that functions as an electronic logbook, resource/document library and resume/portfolio display.  All assignments, lecture and homework will be submitted through the LMS. It is required that a student complete all the assignments, including all discussions and lectures in the course on the LMS. The student will be required to log in frequently as to not fall behind in course work.

ACFEF Apprenticeship Portal #

The student can create logbook entries for the supervising chef to review and approve online. Entries can be linked to specific stations in the logbook. The electronic ledger will allow apprentices to track their hours worked in each station. The apprentice can instantly view totals and percentage complete in each station. Apprentice portfolios are a way for apprentices to share their talents. Portfolios combine logbook entries and uploaded photos, as well as a resume building and display tool.

Student ID Card #

Detroit Institute of Gastronomy offers each student the option to receive a student identification card.  An issued student ID card is the official Institute I.D. and must be carried while on the institute’s premises, at the student’s apprenticeship site, an institute sponsored/managed event, practicum, field trips, or competition.  The student’s ID Card and/or valid government-issued photo identification is required for access to certain examinations as well as used as proof of ownership when submitting both academic and practical application schoolwork for evaluation.

The first student ID is free; however, any additional ID needed in the future will be $15. per student ID.

Learning Resources Center  #

To meet the needs of students, the LRC provides online resources for learning a language, eLearning resources for subject classes, testing, computer skills, and career (eBooks, streaming videos, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals). 

The LRC has on-line collaboration spaces, and group chat rooms available for students to use. A list of resources is available to the student and include –

General Education Preparation

Hospitality Resources

All courses will contain a list of resources available for the student that correlate directly to the topic of education.

Publicity and Media Release #

By signing and submitting an enrollment agreement to Detroit Institute of Gastronomy, you understand that your name, voice, quotations, and photographic likeness – including video footage – may be used in all forms of media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes on behalf of Soil2Service, Inc. and Detroit Institute of Gastronomy.  You will not receive now or in the future any compensation for this usage. You also understand that your name, quotations, and photographic likeness may be gathered from and posted to DIG’s social media sites and website and can be downloaded by any computer user.

You also understand that, as a student, age 18 or older, it is your responsibility to notify the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy, if you refuse to have your name, quotations, or photographic likeness used for the Institute’s unlimited lawful purposes.  In addition, all students under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian permission for his/her name, quotations, or photographic likeness to be used by the Institute. In this instance, this form may be obtained from your concierge team. 

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